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One of the main hurdles most small business owners come across when looking for a loan is lack of supporting infrastructure to help them get the accurate loan amount and the right loan terms to help their business grow successfully. these are some of the hurdles most small business owners come across:

  1. Too New in Business: Most lenders require that you are in business for a minimum of two years before they will even consider speaking to you about a loan. Here in SGF GROUP we only require that you be in business for Six Months and can provide a three months business bank statements.
  2. Documents: Most Lenders require a lot of documents from you to get a loan from them. Which can be quite intimidating sometimes. Here in SGF GROUP we understand that you are new to this and need a reassurance from your lender. So we have our in house credit counselors here to guide you throughout the process to  make sure you understand the process every step of the way.
  3. SGF GROUP: offer such programs as:
  4. Merchant Cash Advance
  5. Equipment Finance
  6. Receivable Finance
  7. Contruction Finance
  8. First and Second Mortgage
  9. SBA loans
  10. Bridge Loans

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